Product Showcase

Fire extinguishers

Product Showcase

  • Eaton's DAU500 is all-in-one-box voice evacuation system. The wall mount panel contains a completely integrated voice evacuation system, capable of both standalone and network operation.

  • Olba - The Ultimate General Purpose Work Glove

    11 May 2020 Coralie Mortimer

    Olba is the ultimate general-purpose glove, used by a countless people performing countless tasks. It’s light-weight nylon construction acts like a second skin and provides anti-bacterial protection!


  • Aura Cut Resistant Work Glove

    08 Apr 2020 Coralie Mortimer

    Resistance to cut and abrasion is critical when handling metal, glass, masonry, plastic and many other materials with sharp edges and/or rough surfaces.

  • deister’s guard patrol system provides you with the data and reports needed to ensure your staff are visiting specific locations as part of their duties.

  • deister’s fast and reliable long-range automatic vehicle identification solution, known as AVI, securely identifies vehicles and drivers in any weather condition.

  • With deister, engage in futureproof security and provide a new level of user convenience to employees and administrators.

  • The Real Time Tunnel Tracking System is designed to track and identify the location of personnel working in tunnel networks.

  • An evacuation management system that automates roll call at muster points and tracks personnel still at risk in your facility. RTNmobile solutions track your personnel during emergencies and drills so you have faster response times and a more efficient recovery.

  • The Real Time Lone Worker Tracking system is designed to help protect your employees and raise an alarm when they are working alone in a hazardous area or need assistance.

  • Eagle Eye Cloud VMS

    Charlotte Tijhuis

    Eagle Eye’s 100% cloud managed solutions provides cloud and on-premise recording, bank level security and encryption, and broad analog and digital camera support – all accessed via the web or mobile applications. All Eagle Eye products benefit from our developer friendly RESTful API platform and Big Data Video Framework ™, which allow indexing, search, retrieval, and analysis of live and archived video. Eagle Eye sells its products through authorized global resellers and installation partners.

  • LG2020

    10 Mar 2020 KB

    We're not all the same

    Many provisions are taken for emergancy evacuation, access or egress on standard straight staircases but what happens when you encounter a staircase that is a little different?

  • CD7

    10 Mar 2020 KB


    The CD7 the basic level evacuation and egress chair. Perfect for multiple installations across buildings for businesses who require an option for safe evacuation in an emergency or general lift breakdown. 

  • TRE 70

    10 Mar 2020 KB

    Don't discriminate!

    The TRE-70 is a unique piece of equipment designed for the safe, practical and dignified access, egress, and evacuation for manual and electric powered wheelchair users and person of reduced mobility. 

  • 60L Bin Connectors

    10 Mar 2020 Method Recycling
    Method's 60L Station Heavy Duty Connectors seamlessly integrates with your recycling station and can be easily extended to encompass more bins. HD Connectors are made for high-flow environments, keepi ...
  • Desktop Precyclers

    10 Mar 2020 Method Recycling

    Method's desktop solution to encourage waste separation at the desk before it's transferred to the nearest station. 

  • Method 20L Recycling Bins

    10 Mar 2020 Method Recycling

    For the first time ever we're exhibiting the Method 20L bin!

  • Method 60L Recycling Bins

    10 Mar 2020 Method Recycling

    Method's 60L recycling bins form flexible stations to be located consistently throughout an open-plan space to create behaviour change. 

  • Alcumus Info Exchange simplifies your business processes through one integrated software solution.

    This truly configurable platform helps organisations to digitise the day-to-day tasks that underpin their business. It captures vital data and makes it accessible to the people that need it, creating one true view of operational processes. Increased visibility enables greater control, while a powerful suite of reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insight that support growth. 

  • Whether you run an office, factory, or any other work environment a quick, simple solution to a refreshing break is vital. The KLIX® Momentums' in-cup technology delivers the perfect instant drink just as you like it. With a choice of hot and cold drinks, water, soups and snacks from the nation’s best loved brands in a single machine you will be spoilt for choice, coupled with market leading performance it simply won’t let you down, driving productivity, saving time and money.

  • Use the prevailing and most popular technology for access control systems in combination with modern Bluetooth. All features are elegantly combined in one access unit that reads all the wide-spread RFID cards on the market and simultaneously communicates with your smartphone that can fully and for free substitute these cards.


  • Stay informed about everything happening outside your entrance. The 2N® Mobile Video service lets you communicate with your visitors via your mobile phone and the 2N IP intercom installed at your door. You will be available to your visitors at all times with continuous video monitoring of your house entrance. 


  • The 2N® Indoor Compact is an indoor answering unit designed especially for the residential market.


  • The PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester 8040 is a quantitative respirator fit tester. It features intelligent touchscreen solutions that support respiratory protection programs from training through compliance.

    Choose the industry’s most trusted fit tester to increase your staff’s safety, while new software and features improve your programme’s efficiency and productivity.

  • The Edge 4+ Personal Noise Dosimeter is available in Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth models and features a color screen. The Bluetooth connectivity allows users to monitor multiple dosimeters from the Edge dB app. The measurement settings can be programmed to test for compliance to various government or association standards including OSHA PEL, OSHA Hearing Conservation, ACGIH, MSHA, and country-specific regulations. 

  • Our handheld DRX Aerosol Monitor is a multi-channel, data-logging, laser photometer for real-time aerosol readings. Portable design allows you to measure dust, fumes, mists and smoke and is suitable for engineering control evaluations.

  • The personal aerosol monitor provides real-time aerosol mass concentration readings for PM10, respirable, China respirable, PM2.5, PM1 and 0.8 DPM. The perfect solution for foundries, construction, refineries, petrochemical, ceramics, aerospace, mining, and automotive.

  • The DustTrak Environmental Monitor is an air monitoring system built to house DustTrak photometer models 8540 or 8543. DustTrak's early detection features allow quick response to exposure concerns. This system is built upon proven DustTrak technology that thousands of people use every day.

    The DustTrak environmental monitor is a real-time supplement to Federal Reference Method (FRM) data collection that can be deployed remotely in under an hour.

  • TG1240 is a high performing 15gg Cut A glove with a high tenacity nylon liner and a palm dipped MicroDex Ultra coating, providing excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions. Treated with our Life ...
  • TG3240 is an extremely dexterous 15gg Cut B glove featuring Life Extending Technology (LXT) Engineering and a palm dipped MicroDex Ultra coating, ensuring excellent grip in wet, dry and oily condition ...
  • TG5240 is a cut level C glove with a luxurious 15gg liner, perfect for high cut risk tasks that require dexterity and grip in wet, dry and oily conditions. Features a reinforced thumb crotch and engin ...
  • Conforming to cut level E under the new EN388:2016 standard, TG6240 has unrivalled levels of dexterity and comfort and is designed to last for long periods of time.  The MicroDex ultra coating and new ...
  • Cut E impact glove with sandy nitrile foam palm dip and back of hand impact protection. Great levels of dexterity and comfort and has been engineered for optimum longevity.
  • 58-2810

    21 Jan 2020 Tilsatec

    Multi-purpose ultra-lightweight cut level B PU coated glove

  • 58-2220

    21 Jan 2020 Tilsatec

    Multi-purpose ultra-lightweight cut level B bi-polymer foam coated glove

  • 53-4110

    21 Jan 2020 Tilsatec

    Lightweight cut level D PU palm coated glove

  • 50-6121

    21 Jan 2020 Tilsatec

    Medium weight cut level F sandy foam nitrile palm coated glove with thumb reinforcement

  • 58-6120

    21 Jan 2020 Tilsatec

    Ultra-lightweight 18 gauge cut level F bi-polymer foam palm coated glove

  • Made from reinforced steel, the Front Upright Reinforcement Section creates an almost indestructible base to your racking that will save you untold costs and eliminate racking damage! In most cases it ...
  • Rack Armour Ltd has over 40 years experience in the material handling industry. In this time we have perfected the art of pallet racking protection and safety through our innovative product range.
  • Rack Training have been developing specialist training courses since early 2007, since that date we have developed into the industrys leading provider, training teams from companies such as ASDA, Hein ...
  • The Little Giant King Kombo™ Industrial is the world’s first and only 3-in-1 extension ladder, leaning ladder and stepladder combination, in one lightweight package. King Kombo™ was built for those wh ...
  • Little Giant Safety Cage

    17 Feb 2020 Chris Dench
    The Safety Cage™ features Little Giant’s patent-pending Ground Cue® bottom-rung signal. The Ground Cue® trains the operator to feel and hear an audible alert reminding him or her it is safe to step of ...
  • The HyperLite™ SumoStance® is the only extension ladder in the world with Little Giant’s patented SumoStance levelling outrigger system, which more than doubles the ladder’s base width and increases s ...
  • HEAD10 Escape Set

    19 Feb 2020 Semmco LPS

    The HEAD10 Escape Set provides 10 minutes maximum wearer protection for an individual in an emergency against areas of smoke, toxic contamination and oxygen deficiency. 

  • HEAD15 Work/Rescue Set provides 15 minutes wearer protection at a higher breathing rate for rescue or working in areas of smoke, toxic contamination and oxygen deficiency.


    Semmco LPS

    Following customer requirements for a rescue set providing longer duration, HEAD15 Work/Rescue Set was developed.

  • The Semmco Life Protection Systems RP100 Full-Face Mask and Half Mask are innovatively designed with the end user in mind; protective, comfortable and lightweight to wear.  The Full Face Mask features a riot shield level impact tested visor. 

  • The Semmco Life Protection Systems RP100 Full-Face Mask and Half Mask are innovatively designed with the end user in mind; protective, comfortable and lightweight to wear.

  • The Reliance Protect ID badge personal safety device is the most discreet device available to use. It is the latest and third generation of the most popular device in the UK with Reliance Protect depl ...
  • The smallest camera in the range, this is an incident record body-worn camera. Weighing in at just 27g it offers HD video recording and live streaming via WiFi. It can be worn on clothing with a robus ...
  • The VT100 packs all of the features of the VT50 in a slightly bigger, more overt form factor with the option of incorporating an ID badge card. The VT100 offers the same record and stream options as t ...
  • Legionella Risk Assessment

    05 Mar 2020 Alison Kelly

    Quality Assured Risk Assessments to identify and mitigate any risk from Legionella.

  • Property Compliance Software

    05 Mar 2020 Alison Kelly

    Smart, Easy to Use Web based property compliance platform to help you manage the tasks arising from your risk assessments

  • Health & Safety Risk Assessments

    05 Mar 2020 Alison Kelly

    Health and Safety Risk Assessments to help you identify what you can do to make your property safer for residents, visitors or contractors.

  • Fire Risk Services

    05 Mar 2020 Alison Kelly

    Fire Risk Services to help you manage any fire risk to your property including commercial buildings, residential, care and health sector, retail, industrial and hospitality.

  • Safety Simplified; an introduction to health & safety.

  • NASC Safety Report 2019

    04 Feb 2020 NASC

    NASC members recorded 113 accidents and injuries on site during 2018 – equating to one incident for every 150 operatives.


  • Moving Edge offers a range of disposable box cutters and safety knives that are made from only two components, the safety blade and its moulded enclosure. This is a high form of knife safety, that virtually eliminates the accidental risk of an injury from a safety blade. The Dispo safety knife innovative designs make this range the perfect choice for retail and distribution. That requires a safety knife for tape cutting, cutting cardboard and opening boxes.

  • Hook knives provide the safest type of protection for people and produce with their fully enclosed blade. It virtually eliminates the chance of the user coming into contact with the blade by accident and therefore can play a significant part in reducing workplace injuries. Ideally suited to the removing of packaging materials, you’ll find a safety hook knife to suit your workplace here.

  • The metal detecting knife range has been designed to offer the best forms of protection, whilst also being easily detectable by all prevention systems.

  • Extreme care must be taken when disposing of a sharps bin. The Moving Edge Sharpsafe Waste disposal containers come in a number of sizes. That are designed to handle sharps waste and incorporate a lockable lid for safety once the container is full.

    We provide the container on its own. It is then the responsibility of the end user to ensure the container is processed when full, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act & Waste Management regulations.

  • Our utility knife range is ideal for applications where an enclosed safety knife blade is not suitable. They are particularly useful when regularly cutting cardboard. 

  • Asbestos Surveys & Services

    05 Mar 2020 Alison Kelly

    UKAS Accredited surveys to help you manage the asbestos in your buildings legally and with confidence.

  • SOS ID Badge Alarm

    12 Feb 2020 Marc Bates

    The SOS ID Badge Alarm from Twig, brings another level of discreet, wearable protection to Safe Hub.

  • SPOT X the new satellite device

    12 Feb 2020 Marc Bates

    SPOT X, the latest innovation from Globalstar, provides 2-way satellite messaging so lone workers can stay connected when they are in an area with poor or zero mobile signal.

  • SOS Button

    12 Feb 2020 Marc Bates

    SOS Button is ideal for staff in customer-facing roles, where uniform and clothing restrictions would prohibit a larger device.

  • SOS Fob is a discreet, durable, waterproof, lightweight and BS8484:2016 Gold Certified specialist lone working device.

  • Safe Hub’s advanced smartphone app includes all of our features. Designed to work seamlessly across all handsets, the app is available for Android, Apple and Windows smartphones.

  • Quantifit is a quantitative system designed to fit test tight-fitting respiratory protective devices (RPDs) worn on the face. Quantifit and its predecessor, the FitTester 3000, have been sold for over 20 years and are used by Fire Departments and other Emergency Responders; Law Enforcement agencies including the FBI, CIA, NYPD; industrial hygienist teams including 3M, Boeing and Disney; oil and gas companies including BP, Conoco and Exxon.

  • Shawcity offers a range of fixed-point gas detectors, in order to ensure that personnel are protected against specific toxic, flammable and asphyxiate gas levels. We supply bespoke systems from some of the world’s leading manufacturers including DEGA, GDS, Crowcon, Honeywell and Ion Science.

  • GilAir Plus


    A compact, light and versatile personal sampling pump, the GilAir Plus measures particulates, gases, vapours and metal fumes with switchable high- and low-flow options.

  • Tiger


    Tiger is a handheld VOC detector for rapid, accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which offers exceptional resistance to humidity and contamination. The instrument comes in three variants: Tiger and the entry-level Tiger LT for VOCs and Tiger Select for total aromatic compounds (TACs).

  • The SV 106 six-channel human vibration meter & analyser from Shawcity is a revolutionary instrument that offers not one but two triaxial accelerometer functionality. This means users can perform both Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration measurements simultaneously.

  • Astutis relaunched the new version of the NEBOSH General Certificate online with unique learning tools to help people pass and use their knowledge practically in the workplace.

  • Uniview is the pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance.Firstly introduced IP video surveillance to China, Uniview now is the third largest player in video surveillance in China. In 2018, Uniview h ...
  • Ajax is the most award-winning wireless security system in Europe. Ajax is smart, reliable, and lightning-fast. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms. If anything happens, Ajax will noti ...
  • 2N® IP Force is an extremely durable IP intercom that can withstand even the most demanding conditions. It provides for visitor communication monitoring and access control. Take advantage of its superior features for maximum site security.

  • An all-weather and tamper-proof outdoor intercom, 2N® IP Verso combines luxury design with smart features and robust metal construction ensuring high durability. The main unit has one button and discrete HD camera. The intercom’s camera can capture an intruder’s face, thus, increase the residents’ safety. Also, while you are travelling the intercom can call to your mobile and even include the visitor’s video.

  • Draggon

    04 Mar 2020 Carol White

    Draggon software can help with on-site surveys, installations and inspections, using a tablet or phone.  Product pricing can be built-in making quotations immediately available as soon as your engineer has synchronised back to the Cloud.

  • Keeping mobile-operatives working efficiently and safely is essential. Bott can help, by delivering compliant-conversion solutions tailored to your needs. From basic van racking and graphics, enhanced ...
  • A comprehensive lift administration service designed to save you time and money.

  • Our lift & escalator condition surveys establish an independent view of what is required to rectify any issues.

  • At ILECS, we provide lift maintenance audits to ascertain a general level of servicing by inspecting the lift and surrounding area.

  • Every lift and escalator system design should be developed in response to individual business or client objectives. We can offer you independent specialist advice on the process you need to take.

  • In the best interest of our clients, we offer maintenance contracts which are bespoke to their needs and requirements.

  • As authorising engineer (lifts), we act as the independent professional advisor to healthcare organisations as outlined in the Health Technical Memorandum 08-02.

  • Pegasus from Ecolighting is a top specification LED High Bay luminaire and one of the company’s most popular light fittings.

  • Sapphire from Ecolighting is one of the company’s most popular LED luminaires for use in commercial and industrial environments.

  • Medusa is the latest generation of LED streetlight from Ecolighting.

    Robust and weatherproof to IP65, the Medusa luminaire is easy to maintain, lightweight and has a stylish aluminium body with adjustable pole mounting.

  • The Altos emergency luminaire from EcolightingUK is part of the company’s flagship LED high bay lighting solutions designed for use in warehouses, in manufacturing, freezers/chillers and areas with high ceilings.

  • The LED Atlantis luminaires from lighting specialists EcolightingUK are an innovative range of LED floodlights that are compact, robust and built for both indoor and outdoor environments.

  • AltoSites

    04 Feb 2020 Steve Voller

    AltoSites is cloud based software and helps facilities managers, bursars and school business managers maintain buildings, assets and estates.

    It uniquely integrates the use of site and floor plans, maps (for external estates), 360° imagery and drone images. All without the need for expensive, specialist equipment or training costs.

    AltoSites is used by managers responsible for their own buildings and can also be used as a white labelled solution by facilities service suppliers.

  • AltoSUE

    04 Feb 2020 Steve Voller

    AltoSUE is a unique underground asset and buried services management system.

    Knowing the location of underground assets providing services to your buildings is critical. Accidental damage is these services results in:

    • Health and Safety issues for on site staff or contractors 
    • Increased cost
    • Interruptions to service

    Maintain an easily accessible record of your underground assets to avoid these issues. 

  • Contemporary combines elegance and style in protection, changing the concept of safety glasses and reflecting Univet’s mission to create glamorous and comfortable protection glasses so that always more people start caring for their eyes.


  • A Vaculex® ergonomic lifter combined with a range of accessories can enable you to lift almost anything you can think of that weighs 5-250kg. It is user-friendly and requires minimal training to operate. Working speed and productivity are in most cases increased.

  • The Vaculex® VL lifting solution allows you to lift, rotate and stack the barrel in one motion.

  • Vaculex® ParcelLift increases productivity when loading and
    unloading loose loaded cargo into or out of trucks and containers.

  • impact 18

    03 Mar 2020 Daniella
    This product is a 18 gauge five-finger woven glove manufactured with a new cut resistant Japanese fibre called Tsunooga , and polyamide fibres. The Impact 18 has been adapted to include impact protect ...
  • Tek 8000

    03 Mar 2020 Daniella
    An extremely comfortable cut resistance glove with no fibre-glass or stainless steel fibres.
  • A  PU glove with high cut resistance (letter F) and impact protection on the back. Coating › Polyurethane Liner › Tsoonooga Gauge › 13 Sizes Available › XS-XXXL Bag/Case Quantity › 10 Pairs per bag/10 ...
  • Air 3000 carbon

    03 Mar 2020 Daniella

    A premium FFP3 disposable respirator with a carbon filter.

  • Air 3000

    03 Mar 2020 Daniella

    A premium FFP3 disposable respirator with valve

  • This practical book is based on the highly successful series of books "Managing Safety the Systems Way – Implementing BS OHSAS 18001:2007".

  • Dynamic CCTVs chosen storage for solutions. Skyhawk by Seagate is the chosen storage device and come in a range of storage capacity. 

  • WG-522 Bee-Tough combines Bee-series™ knitting technique and a nitrile coating providing oil-resistance and an optimal long-lasting grip. The upper part of the gloves is made of an ultralightweight li ...
  • WG-422 Bee-Smart

    Wonder Grip Europe BV
    WG-422 Bee-Smart encapsulates our brand-new Bee-series™ knitting technique and our new generation of latex in-house developed, the HDML™ coating. The upper part of the gloves is made of an ultra light ...
  • Ajax systems were founded in 2011 and launched in 2019 in the UK market.

  • Dynamic CCTV offering a comprehensive range of products in the field of intercom.

  • The OSPAs are increasingly being seen as one of the most prestigious accolades one can achieve in security. 

  • Dynamic CCTV stock a variety CCTV cameras and equipment. Introducing the Hikvision Acusense range.

  • HIGHER resolution, BIGGER sensor, BRIGHTER image.

  • FireVu Multidetector

    02 Mar 2020 Mike Newton
    The FireVu Multidetector is an early warning visiual detectopm device for smoke, flame and heat* seen within its field of view. FireVu holds patents for its flame detection algorithm in the UK, Europe ...
  • The most popular health and safety qualification in the UK – essential for anyone wanting a successful career in health and safety. 

  • The most comprehensive, contemporary, quantified audit process available, which allows you to test your health and safety performance against the latest legislation, recognised standards and best practice techniques.

  • Join a global community of health and safety advocates to access expertise and guidance to help you look after your business and your people. 

  • Media Walls

    28 Feb 2020 Suzanne Pinchin

    Designed and developed by Thinking Space Systems, the Evolution media wall offers complete flexibility for mounting large flat screen monitors.


  • Consoles

    28 Feb 2020 Suzanne Pinchin

    We design and supply high quality bespoke consoles which are modern and adaptable for control rooms of all environments, including security, air traffic, plant & process, transport and broadcast environments.



  • deister’s wireless locking solution provides the security of an access control system without the need for major alterations, or wiring, to your existing door.

  • The new range of lightweight glove options from DuPont™ Tychem®

  • LONEALERT Access range

    27 Feb 2020 LONEALERT
    The LONEALERT Access range is our most popular range and is, as the term implies, access to LONEALERT as a lone worker. This range enables you to use all the Access services interchangeably. Our lone ...
  • Protector Pro

    27 Feb 2020 LONEALERT
    A high performing, fully remote configurable, hard-wearing and robust safety device, that is IP67 certified. High power speaker boasts two-way communication and powerful vibrating alarm helps to notif ...
  • ID Card

    27 Feb 2020 LONEALERT
    The BS8484 accredited ID Card is a small yet powerful, high performing ID safety device with built-in GPS technology, Bluetooth, hybrid indoor locating feature and a ripcord silent alarm. It is ideal ...
  • Man Down X

    27 Feb 2020 LONEALERT
    A robust, hard wearing safety device with tilt activating alert and dedicated panic alarm. This device is ideal for those working in an industrial setting or roles that involve manual labour.
  • SOS Fob

    27 Feb 2020 LONEALERT
    A small lightweight and durable safety device. Ideal for those with a public facing role that need the added protection the SOS Fob can bring.
  • Wireless flood detector

  • Wireless smart plug with energy monitor

  • Wireless smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detector with sounder

  • Wireless motion detector with visual alarm verification and pet immunity

  • Intelligent security control panels with enhanced communication capabilities

  • Paxton10 access control and video management.

  • The VAX system is a complete solution integrating access control and video surveillance applications for small to enterprise-scale installations. Vicon offers access control components for a seamlessl ...
  • Vicon’s high-powered thermal sensor cameras provide 360° coverage of open spaces to detect, identify and track intruders. Combined with Vicon’s high-speed PTZ dome camera, the resulting product delive ...
  • Valerus is a full-featured video management system engineered to streamline every aspect of your security operation. It’s loaded with powerful features to improve response times, expedite forensic sea ...
  • Introducing the thinnest glove on the market (18 gauge) that offers the maximum protection (Cut Level F). Combining optimal comfort with the highest quality of cut resistant yarn. This glove also has touchscreen capability for use of digital equipment.



  • ResQ-Window™ is a patented translucent fire proof flexible material that can be installed into a Coopers Fire fire curtain allowing building occupants and first responders to see through the curtain after it has been deployed.

  • The Delta Plus TW402 Safety Boots are a hiker style boot designed to work. With a cemented (PU with Panoshock shock absorber) midsole and a composite toe-cap, these non-metallic work water resistant boots are made from full grain leather and ensure comfort without compromising on protection.

  • Pacaya Lyviz is a new innovative safety spectacle that is designed to offer a cleaner lens for longer due to having an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating. The eyewear is anti-mist, anti-scratch and UV 400 protected.

  • Modern designed helmet that provides optimal protection for the head and face ABS dual shell safety helmet with polycarbonate retractable visor One-D Rotor clamping system Electrical insulation up to ...
  • Advanced key and asset management software

  • P50 Composite Fire Extinguishers

    24 Feb 2020 Eastern Extinguishers

    The P50 composite extinguisher is the most advanced fire extinguisher available on the market today. Our patented composite fire extinguishers employ technology pioneered by the motor racing, defence, aircraft and aerospace industries. Furthermore, all of our composite fire extinguishers are manufactured in Britain using state-of-the-art, clean manufacturing processes.

  • Loxal Access Control

    21 Feb 2020 Trevor Lee

    Loxal with Videofied from Webeye.

    Remote site access control and security. Unrestricted access for authorised users

  • webeyeFOG

    21 Feb 2020 Trevor Lee


    Security Fog system that carries a big punch. When an alarm goes off, burglars know they have some time before anybody intervenes. webeyeFog makes it impossible for them to use that time.

  • webeyeCMS

    21 Feb 2020 Trevor Lee

    The world's most versatile cloud monitoring platform.

    webeyeCMS is a low-cost solution to meet the increasing demands faced by the security industry


    21 Feb 2020 Ged Smart

    Incident Alert enhances the ability the emergency servies to protect the public from harm.  It enables incident commanders to send messages of reassurance and guidance to users in the vacinity of major incidents.  It prepares users to respond effectively in such circumstances, promoting public confidence.  It also helps identify potential witnesses to give evidence at subsequent inquiries.


    21 Feb 2020 Ged Smart

    Notifire enables buildng owners and Fire & Rescue Services to send messages to residents of high rise buildings.  These can be of a routine nature or provide reassurance and issue guidance in the event of an emergency.  Notifire provides a high impact, swift and low cost response to several key recommendations emanating from the Grenfell Inquiry phase 1 report.

  • A comprehensive Abrasive Wheels book which is designed to offer a detailed guide on aspects of abrasive wheels training. Complies with current Abrasive Wheels legislation Packed with pictures, illustr ...
  • A comprehensive Working at Heights book which is designed to offer a detailed guide on aspects of working at heights training. Complies with current Working at Heights legislation Packed with pictures ...
  • As one of the most popular fork truck books used by trainers, training companies and accredited bodies, this comprehensive Fork Truck book covers operating practices of counter balance trucks, reach t ...
  • A comprehensive Fire Safety book which is designed to offer a detailed guide on aspects of fire safety training. Complies with current Fire Safety legislation Packed with pictures, illustrations and h ...
  • A comprehensive Manual Handling book which is designed to offer a detailed guide on aspects of manual handling training. Complies with current Manual Handling legislation Packed with pictures, illustr ...
  • Finite® Orange HD

    13 Feb 2020 Richard O'Sullivan

    Orange nitrile powder free disposable glove.

    Sectors; Automotive, Construction & Utility, Engineering & Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing & Preparation, Janitorial, Oil and Gas.

  • Grip It® Oil Gauntlet C5

    13 Feb 2020 Richard O'Sullivan

    Seamless knitted cut resistant Kevlar® glove with dual PVC coating.

    Sectors; Automotive, Construction & Utility, Engineering & Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Waste Management and Local authority.

  • Nitri-Tech III® (33cm)

    13 Feb 2020 Richard O'Sullivan

    Nitrile synthetic rubber glove.

    Sectors; Automotive, Food Manufacturing & Preparation and Janitorial.


  • Capilex D

    13 Feb 2020 Richard O'Sullivan

    Durable, dexterous, great cut resistance all combined with a foamed Nitrile coating for enhanced grip.

    Sectors; Automotive, Construction & Utility,  Engineering & Manufacturing,  Oil & Gas, Waste Management and Local authority.

  • Polyflex® Ultra

    13 Feb 2020 Richard O'Sullivan

    Seamless knitted nylon liner with foamed palm coating made from a blend of polyurethane and nitrile.

    Sectors; Automotive, Construction & Utility, Engineering & Manufacturing, Warehousing, Transport and Logistics and Waste Management & Local authority

  • uvex megasonic

    13 Feb 2020 Clair Weston

    uvex megasonic - visionary technology at a glance

    The uvex megasonic features a revolutionary frameless lens design delivering edge-to-edge, crystal clear, optical class 1 clarity in every  direction.

  • The GFE-MCPE-A is an Analogue Addressable Manual Call Point, designed and manufactured to comply with EN5411, compatible with all GFE Addressable Control panels. With its enhanced communications mechanism the typical response time, when in alarm, is approximately one second, depending on the number of call points connected to the device loop. There is also a version incorporating a Loop Isolator.

  • The GEKKO Fire Alarm Control Panel is the successor of the enormously popular GFE JUNIOR panel of which tens of thousands have been installed all over the world. 

  • Octo+

    Global Fire Equipment

    The OCTOPLUS Fire Alarm Control Panel, builds on the pedigree of the worldwide known JUNO NET. It introduces a full peer to peer networking solution which enables extreme resilience in very large distributed systems. 

  • Introducing G7 Exo — the world’s first cloud-connected area monitor with integrated 2G/3G/4G communications. From the moment G7 Exo is turned on, it automatically connects directly to the Blackline Sa ...
  • G7c is the world’s first 4G/2G-connected gas detector with integrated lone worker monitoring and evacuation management tools, connecting workers to live monitoring personnel in real-time. Work-anywher ...
  • Legacy Software Support

    11 Feb 2020 i2 Global Limited

    If your organisation has had software developed specifically to meet your needs, or if you’ve developed your own software systems in-house, then this may be of interest.  Do you have software running on your systems that may no longer be supported or being developed for years, even decades, quite happily and reliably, but are worried about those systems being ‘ticking timebombs’.

    We are here to help!

  • uvex i-5 safety glasses

    10 Feb 2020 Clair Weston

    The uvex i-5 proves that contemporary design and functionality are by no means mutually exclusive.

    The uvex i-5 proves that contemporary design and functionality are by
    no means mutually exclusive: Adaptive and packed full of sophisticated
    technology, these safety glasses deliver high levels of protection and
    superior wearer comfort.

  • uvex xact-fit reusable

    10 Feb 2020 Clair Weston

    The uvex xact-fit reusable - using earplugs has never been easier

    The novel design of the uvex xact-fit is based on the anatomy of the ear canal, mimicking the natural oval shape. This noticeably reduces pressure inside the ear – even when worn for extended periods - as well as allowing fast, easy and accurate insertion.

    Now availale in a reusable version providing a cost effective and environmentally conscious choice.

  • uvex 2 trend footwear

    10 Feb 2020 Clair Weston

    Affordable Quality and Comfort.

    The new uvex 2 trend safety shoe range offers real value for money. Whether in the assembly hall or on the production line, indoors or outdoors: uvex 2 trend safety footwear range is suitable for medium duty applications and incorporates numerous proven technologies at an affordable price.



  • Seagate® SkyHawk™ AI is the world’s first, purpose-built drive for artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled surveillance solutions.

    Best-Fit Applications

    • Network video recorders (NVR)
    • AI-enabled NVR systems 
  • uvex 1 business footwear

    10 Feb 2020 Clair Weston

    So comfortable and flexible, you wouldn't know it's safety footwear.

    The smart, stylish and extremely versatile uvex 1 business range can be worn straight from the office to the production area, blending perfectly with both casual wear such as chinos or jeans, and more formal business attire such as a suit. You would never know from looking at the uvex 1 business that it is indeed safety footwear.


  • SkyHawk™ leverages Seagate's extensive experience in designing drives purpose-built for surveillance applications. 

    SkyHawk Mainstream surveillance drives tuned for 24×7, high write cycle workloads typical for surveillance.

    Best-Fit Applications

    • Network video recorders (NVR)
    • Embedded surveillance DVRs (SDVR)
    • Hybrid surveillance DVRs
    • Surveillance DVRs


  • The SmokeStop active smoke curtain can be integrated with both suspended and solid ceilings and will remain hidden until deployed.

  • Developed and manufactured by Coopers, the FireMaster® Concertina™ fire curtain is developed to provide high-performance fire protection without the need for visible columns or corner posts.

  • The BS 8524 standard compliant FireMaster® active fire curtain barrier has been developed by Coopers Fire to protect all vertical applications including boundary protection but excluding a means of escape.

  • Global Managed Services

    04 Feb 2020 i2 Global Limited

    Global IT Support, where you need it 24 x 7 x 365

    Our traditional break-fix maintenance service offers a cost-effective, consistent and reliable solution.

    We understand that many IT departments face resource and budget constraints and managers don’t always have the time to think about reactive, onsite maintenance.

  • Cloud Services

    04 Feb 2020 i2 Global Limited

    Secure, Scalable, Responsive and Consistently Reliable Business Applications

    Do you want to empower your people to be more efficient, improve business productivity, secure the critical data and save money? It’s time to explore using the Cloud and consider;

    • How Safe is Your Data?
    • Backup as a Service