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Fire extinguishers

Product Showcase

  • Multipoint Detectors

    14 Jan 2021 Anji lloyd
  • CIE-A-200

    14 Jan 2021 Anji lloyd
  • Plan2CAD

    13 Jan 2021 QDOS
    QDOS' speciality is fire safety drawings, but our Plan2CAD service is for those sites where you have no CAD drawings of the building layout. If your building pre-dates the computer aided design revolu ...
  • When installing or modifying a fire alarm system, as part of the document process, as fitted drawings must be provided to the premises manager.   These drawings should include: The positions of all co ...
  • Designed to enhance the completed fire risk assessment, a fire safety plan of the premises can convey much information from the fire risk assessment, a snapshot or overview of the findings and recomme ...
  • Premises Information Plates are anoprinted aluminium plates which display relevant information on the layout of the building, its services and firefighting facilities. The Premises Information Plate i ...
  • QDOS are here to help ensure you provide the compliant service that is critical to your business. Our support services for the design of fire alarm systems not only enhances your capabilities to meet ...
  • An Escape Plan is a plan displayed for the occupants of a facility with the elements for escape shown, and which shows information required for the evacuation, rescue or first intervention. The plans ...
  • A Fire Alarm Zone Plan is a diagrammatic representation of the building showing at least the building entrances, the main circulation areas and the division into zones. These should be sited next to e ...
  • Best value for money fire safety cabinets in the market. Our 120 minute fire resistant cabinet offers maximum safety and security for all your belongings. A key feature is the automatic locking system on the doors enabling them to close upon detection of heat – amazing prices only net £1,950

  • The Vimpex range of electromagnetic door holders offers the installer the broadest choice of mounting styles, holding power and installation accessories critical for fire safety.

  • Employing sophisticated voice technology to deliver clear, unambiguous, multilingual messages, the impressive Fire-Cryer voice sounder range is proven to reduce delay and response rate in evacuation times, greatly increasing safety during critical situations.

  • Vimpex is proud to manufacture the Smart+ range in the UK – products that protect fire and security system assets, with the specific aim of reducing malicious or accidental use of fire and security system components.

  • As the only group of evacuation and alarm products that allows for both flush and surface mounting options across the entire range, Identifire represents a new, sleek approach to essential alarm products and system accessories.

  • The FB Air Transfer Grille is a passive product that satisfies the need for adequate venting through fire rated exterior or interior walls without compromising with the requirements of a fire rated construction.

  • Like other Firebreather products, the FB Cavity Barrier combines the need for adequate venting behind the cladding with the need to limit the spread of fire.

  • Centralize all bowtie, incident and audit information in a single
    database. Implement systems and stay in control with real-time barrier feedback.

  • Proactively check the quality and effectiveness of your controls. Easily create surveys and import results to visualize barrier performance on your bowtie diagram.

  • Start learning from incidents. Ensure a smooth analysis and build professional incident diagrams, using the most popular methods: BFA, BSCAT, RCA or Tripod Beta.

  • Easily create bowtie diagrams to visualize risk scenarios in a
    comprehensible way. Capture and organize detailed barrier data. 

  • Battery powered with a sealed in lithium battery Easy to fit – twist on base and multi-fixings 10 year life Uses built-in RadioLINK+ technology to interconnect and for data extraction Connects wireles ...
  • Battery powered with a sealed in lithium battery Easy to fit – twist on base and multi-fixings 10 year life Uses built-in RadioLINK+ technology for interconnection and data extraction Connects wireles ...
  • Battery powered by a sealed in 10 year lithium battery Built in AudioLINK data extraction technology Easy to fit twist on base and multi-fixings Proven electrochemical sensor Pre-alarm LED indication ...
  • The next generation of Radio Frequency Wireless Interconnection The Ei3000MRF Module allows for wireless interconnection and data extraction. Simply plug in to any 3000 Series alarm. Powered from alar ...
  • The Ei3028 Heat & CO Alarm is built with the same high quality, reliable and proven technology as in our other Heat and CO alarms but combined in one alarm and with advanced intelligent technology. Co ...
  • The Ei3024 Multi Sensor Fire Alarm is built on the same high quality, reliable and proven technology that all Aico Alarms are renowned for, but contains the latest high-tech enhancements making it the ...
  • Contains our proven Electrochemical CO sensor Mains powered with 10 year rechargeable lithium cell back-up Add an Ei3000MRF module for wireless interconnection and data extraction Compatible with othe ...
  • Contains a high performance optical sensor Mains powered with 10 year rechargeable lithium cell back-up Add an Ei3000MRF module for wireless interconnection and data extraction AudioLINK data extracti ...
  • The SmartLINK Gateway is designed for use with the Aico RF devices. It provides a mechanism to transfer information from the RF network to a portal over the GSM network.   Enables remote management of ...
  • Eaton's DAU500 is all-in-one-box voice evacuation system. The wall mount panel contains a completely integrated voice evacuation system, capable of both standalone and network operation.

  • Draggon

    04 Mar 2020 Carol White

    Draggon software can help with on-site surveys, installations and inspections, using a tablet or phone.  Product pricing can be built-in making quotations immediately available as soon as your engineer has synchronised back to the Cloud.

  • FireVu Multidetector

    02 Mar 2020 Mike Newton
    The FireVu Multidetector is an early warning visiual detectopm device for smoke, flame and heat* seen within its field of view. FireVu holds patents for its flame detection algorithm in the UK, Europe ...
  • ResQ-Window™ is a patented translucent fire proof flexible material that can be installed into a Coopers Fire fire curtain allowing building occupants and first responders to see through the curtain after it has been deployed.


    21 Feb 2020 Ged Smart

    Incident Alert enhances the ability the emergency servies to protect the public from harm.  It enables incident commanders to send messages of reassurance and guidance to users in the vacinity of major incidents.  It prepares users to respond effectively in such circumstances, promoting public confidence.  It also helps identify potential witnesses to give evidence at subsequent inquiries.


    21 Feb 2020 Ged Smart

    Notifire enables buildng owners and Fire & Rescue Services to send messages to residents of high rise buildings.  These can be of a routine nature or provide reassurance and issue guidance in the event of an emergency.  Notifire provides a high impact, swift and low cost response to several key recommendations emanating from the Grenfell Inquiry phase 1 report.

  • The GFE-MCPE-A is an Analogue Addressable Manual Call Point, designed and manufactured to comply with EN5411, compatible with all GFE Addressable Control panels. With its enhanced communications mechanism the typical response time, when in alarm, is approximately one second, depending on the number of call points connected to the device loop. There is also a version incorporating a Loop Isolator.

  • The GEKKO Fire Alarm Control Panel is the successor of the enormously popular GFE JUNIOR panel of which tens of thousands have been installed all over the world. 

  • Octo+

    Global Fire Equipment

    The OCTOPLUS Fire Alarm Control Panel, builds on the pedigree of the worldwide known JUNO NET. It introduces a full peer to peer networking solution which enables extreme resilience in very large distributed systems. 

  • The SmokeStop active smoke curtain can be integrated with both suspended and solid ceilings and will remain hidden until deployed.

  • Developed and manufactured by Coopers, the FireMaster® Concertina™ fire curtain is developed to provide high-performance fire protection without the need for visible columns or corner posts.

  • The FireMaster® Plus² has been developed by Coopers to protect all building types and can be applied to protect most vertical applications. 

  • The BS 8524 standard compliant FireMaster® active fire curtain barrier has been developed by Coopers Fire to protect all vertical applications including boundary protection but excluding a means of escape.

  • The Firechief XTR Fire Extinguisher Range

    03 Feb 2020 Firechief Global

    All Firechief XTR Fire Extinguishers are fully approved to BSEN3 and come with a 5 year peace-of-mind guarantee

  • How good are your doors..?

    28 Apr 2020 Ian Cavanagh
    Why not come along, have an ice cold beer and then look at the full size working fire door on display and compare it to the fire doors in your building. Who knows, you may even spot a fault or two!  
  • BakerCorp Integrated Solutions

    29 Jan 2020 Emma Louise King
  • Eaton fire graphical visualisation software (EFGVS) is a powerful supervision management tool for Eaton Fire addressable systems.                        

  • Eaton’s CF3000 is a high specification addressable control panel which is available in various loop configurations.

  • The VoCALL 5 emergency voice communication system (EVCS) is ideal for smaller installations which require up to 5 outstations or emergency assist alarms. The system comprises the Compact 5-line unit which controls up to 5 outstations (Type A, Type B, Emergency Assist Alarms or, in regions which allow their use, roaming handsets and jack plates).

  • The RoLP (Roshni Low Profile) is the market leading conventional fire alarm sounder.

  • The Fulleon RoLP LX Wall device is ideal for dual use applications where a visual alarm device (VAD) is required to support an audible alarm

  • The BiWire Flexi panel combines two technologies to provide a truly versatile fire safety solution.

  • The BiWire 5 in 1 detector provides a complete detector solution for use with Eaton's two-wire BiWire Flexi fire and notification fire alarm system. 

  • The BiWire wall sounder and wall sounder visual alarm device (VAD) offer low current consumption and high sound output.

  • The BiWire base sounder and base sounder visual alarm device (VAD), can be used both with a detector or as a standalone device.

  • Eaton’s range of addressable detectors are third party approved to the relevant section of EN54 (part 7 for smoke detectors & part 5 for heat detectors).

  • The compliant, fire approved sounder visual alarm device (VAD) detector base, is one of the most flexible and useful devices in Eaton's addressable range of fire devices.

  • The door release module is an interface designed to enable Eaton's addressable fire alarm systems to work in tandem with door holders / retainers.

  • Eaton’s addressable system manual call point was one of the first plastic element resettable call points to enter the market.

  • The addressable fire system wall sounder provides a balanced mix of excellent sound output levels and ultra-low current consumption.

  • Features:

    • Compact and modular designed accumulator skid unit  
    • Standard issue with 50 litres nitrogen bottle and 68 litres water bottle.  
    • Robust galvanized skid-bars.  
    • Electrically controlled gas valve with manual override.  
    • Pressure switch for low nitrogen pressure
  • Features:

    • Compact designed pump station with 1-3 high pressure pumps with air-driven pilot pump
    • Each tank fi­tted with two 25μm ­liters
    • Temperature safety drain valve and pressure regulator
    • Test valve on manifold
    • Extended low rate with optional frequency controlled r
  • Features:

    • Flow: For 100 bar system up to 100 litres/min (MPU235) and up to 150 litres/min (MPU335)
    • Electric driven piston high-pressure pump with frequency-controlled rpm on the motor with adjustable system pressure with integrated pilot pump
    • Easy to install, access, operate and maintain
    • Strainer 50 micron, safety valve, pressure gauge, pressure transmitter and test outlet under the same frame
  • On the cabinet, each pump can be started manually by turning the key switch from ”MAN/AUT” to “MAN” position and then each pump can be started individually.

  • Test Tool is a patented solution for Ultra Fog Nozzles to verify the function of the sprinkler system. It let You flush each nozzle to check water quality.


  • The open nozzle is normally open and is used in systems with intelligent activation. The water will pass through the nozzle creating small droplets as soon as the pipe to the nozzle is pressurized with water.

  • The nozzle with a bulb is normally closed and is used in systems with conventional activation. In the top of the nozzle, there is a glass bulb that keeps a piston in place. The piston prevents the nozzle from leaking. When the nozzle is affected by the heat of the fire, the glass bulb will burst releasing the piston. The water will then pass through the nozzle creating small droplets.

  • Eaton's range of addressable EN 54-23 certified visual alarm devices (VAD's) brings its patented lens technology to its addressable fire systems for the first time.

  • VoCALL 16 is a high specification loop driven intelligent digital emergency voice communication system offering sophisticated functionality along with simple end user operation. 

  • Franchise Opportunity

    19 Dec 2019 Jackson Fire & Security

    We are the first Fire and Security business to provide access to this lucrative market as a franchise offering. A Jackson franchise offers a potentially excellent return on investment, a strong and immediately recognisable brand and sterling reputation from our large and growing client base.

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