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The Fire Safety Event

8 - 10 APRIL 2025

NEC, Birmingham

Exhibitor Products

Fire extinguishers

11 Apr 2024

Firechief PyroFlow Lithium-ion Battery Fire Suppression Granules

Firechief Global Stand: 5/D127

Firechief PyroFlow is an environmentally friendly suppression agent made from expanded glass granulate. It can be used for preventative fire protection and fire fighting where Lithium-ion batteries are present. The small, lightweight spheres consist of foamed recycled glass containing tiny internal pores, forming a partially closed cell structure. Since the granulate is 100% mineral based, it is non-combustible.

How does Firechief PyroFlow work?

By using Firechief PyroFlow as a packaging media, in the event of a battery fire Firechief PyroFlow melts to form glass, caused by the high temperatures as released by such an incident. In the process, the granules absorb a lot of heat as they melt, thus cooling the fire, and at the same time forming an impermeable shell around the fire load encapsulating it from further reaction.

  • A mineral-based suppressant granule that is non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Can be used as a thermally stable packaging filler when Lithium-ion batteries are present
  • Will smother, suppress and encapsulate Lithium-ion batteries in the event of thermal runaway
  • Effectively binds liquids and filters gases


  • Fire Prevention
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