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The Fire Safety Event

8 - 10 APRIL 2025

NEC, Birmingham

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20 Mar 2024

FB180 Ablative Batt 60mm Floor System

FIREFLY Stand: 5/B110

FIREFLY® FB180 Ablative Batt – 60mm Floor System provides a single layer EI60:E90 fire-rated compartmentation that can be simply installed above ceilings between existing joists, minimising disruption

The FIREFLY® FB180 Ablative Batt Floor System can be installed above existing ceilings, placed between timber joists which are treated with a suitable intumescent paint.

Commonly used in retrofit to upgrade fire compartmentation in applications such as multiple occupancy dwellings and historic buildings where existing ornate or lathe & plaster ceilings can be left undisturbed.

FIREFLY® FB180 Ablative Batt Floor System is tested with expected penetrations such as soil pipes, metal pipes with lagging, cable trays, cables, timber etc. See Installation Drawings/Manual for full details

A complementary FIREFLY® FB180 Ablative Batt 60mm Wall System is also available

Layers of mineral wool are combined to create a 60mm thick board product, with an ablative coating factory-applied to both sides. The board has a density of 180kg/m3 with a rigidity that makes it suitable for friction fitting.

Batt is cut to size to friction fit between timber (min. 90 x 38mm C16 softwood) that must additionally be treated with FIREFLY® Ablative Coating to maintain the fire rating of the batt – EI60:E90


  • Single layer 60mm batt installation provides 90 minutes Integrity & 60 minutes Insulation
  • Fully tested to BS EN 1363-1 2022 to also include typical penetrations such as soil pipes
  • Ideal for retrofit to leave ornate or lathe and plaster ceilings undisturbed in older properties while upgrading fire compartmentation within the property
  • Tested to BS EN 1364-2 (unloaded floors) to confirm the ability to upgrade fire compartmentation without degrading load bearing
  • Suitable and tested for use in conjunction with FIREFLY® flexible barriers
  • Ease of installation with standard batt tools and friction fitting – additional supports not required to be used – and FIREFLY® fixings and Acrylic Sealant also available as part of the tested system
  • Acoustic reduction of 27dB from batt in isolation
  • Fully supported with detailed drawings and installation instructions available online to clarify areas such as handling specific penetrations
  • Meets requirements of BS EN 1363-1:2020 and provides a tested & certified solution as part of a FIREFLY® system

FIREFLY® FB180 Ablative Batt- Floor System 60mm

Mineral fibre ablative batt for horizontal use with timber, plasterboard and FIREFLY® barrier

Meets requirements of BS EN 1363-1:2020 and BS EN 1364-2 unloaded floors, 90 minutes Integrity, 60 Minutes Insulation

Fully tested with 3rd-party certification under application

Horizontal use only. Tested for penetrations – see installation drawings for specific details. Refer to FIREFLY® FB180 Ablative Batt 60mm Wall System Data for vertical use

Layered mineral fibre, ablative coating on both sides, white appearance. Density 180kg/m3

27dB sound reduction

1200 x 600 x 60mm

Supplied bagged to provide protection in transit and on site. Do not allow the batt to be exposed to rain.

Not to be installed in areas of RH >85% 

Storage: cool, dry place – protect from frost


  • Passive Fire Prevention
  • Training Provider
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