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The Fire Safety Event

30 April - 2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham


Fire extinguishers


  • The FireClass Heritage

    01 Jan 2023 FireClass

    Built on 50 years of proven performance in Fire Detection. 

  • VIDs & VADs

    01 Jan 2023 FireClass

    FireClass have developed a new range of addressable fire alarm devices including Visual Alarm Devices, Visual Indication Devices and Sounders.

  • We believe all our steel doors should reach you in perfect condition, which is why we insist on finishing them by hand! We have split this area into three parts: frame assembly, leaf assembly and pack ...
  • What sets us apart from others in the industry? • All our steel doors come with expandable sides as standard giving an industry-leading 15mm flexibility on each side of the door frame. Making life eas ...
  • Consort PaD

    14 Mar 2023 Consort

    A business insurance programme designed to help companies manage their exposure and liabilities in relation to fire risk.

  • C 701 is the new full face mask of the Sèkur range which, through the innovative Air-On inspiration system, manages to combine a high protection factor with a minimum level of breathing resistance, as ...
  • DPI presents Diablo E550, three innovations belonging to one product. A new demand valve, compact and perfectly balanced. A new light harness, type 2, easy to clean and decontaminate. A new comunicati ...
  • Thermochromic components in these products causes a color change based on temperature ranges, providing 24/7 safety monitoring to give a predictive warning on overheated equipment.

  • Take an inside look at how products ae produced by Rapidrop and the testing that they go through before coming to market.
  • Take a moment to learn who Rapidrop are and what products we produce from our facility in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. From sprinkler heads to valves and from monitoring systems to ball valves, there ...
  • The FireMaster Concertina Egress features the benefit of an integral egress door allowing the safe evacuation of building occupants or emergency services through the barrier.

  • Battersea Power Station, London.

    15 Nov 2022 Coopers Fire


  • WE celebrate Xact’s success with our ground-breaking entry into Fire Safety Apprenticeships with the roll-out next month of the first program Level 4 Fire Safety Inspector Apprenticeship. We wish ever ...
  • Fire Door Protection Products

    17 Feb 2023 sally moores

    Yeoman Shield Fire Rated Door Protection products are perfect for preserving the condition and function of Fire Rated Doors.

  • Discover how Dynamic Safety Signage from Advanced can transform emergency evacuation safety in your building.

  • EvacGo is the evacuation alert system from Advanced and is the easy way to ensure that you have the BS 8629 Code of Practice covered.

  • Go is the new-generation, single-loop fire alarm control panel that brings easy, cost-effective access to popular premium features from Advanced's MxPro 5 range in a simpler, non-networkable panel.

  • Rigorous Quality Controls 

  • Android and ios

  • Remote Panel Control and Diagnostics


    14 Feb 2023

    FIREFLY in 60 seconds....

  • Interactive floor plans on the most revolutionary software for completing and managing fire risk assessments. Interactive floorplans allow assessors to tag precise location of findings, saving assesso ...
  • Revolutionary software for completing and managing fire risk assessments. Designed and created by fire safety experts allowing you to create industry leading fire risk assessments. Aurora also allows ...
  • Modern building frameworks are interspersed with multiple utility and network services including cables, pipes and ventilation ducts in both horizontal and vertical directions, resulting in countless ...
  • The Story Behind Briton

  • Here at Ampac, we're on a mission to provide the most effective fire detection and evacuation solutions in the industry. We want our customers to feel confident knowing they are partnered with an indu ...
  • A video showing the successful working relationship between Fireco and the City of London Corporation. 

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