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The Fire Safety Event

8 - 10 APRIL 2025

NEC, Birmingham


Fire extinguishers


  • A network of fault-tolerant MxPro 5 fire panels from Advanced, have been installed at the UK headquarters of Computacenter.

  • UK Fire Training Limited took the opportunity back in March 2020 to spring clean their wardrobes and bedlinen cupboards to ‘Recycle their textiles’ to work in conjunction with The Fire Fighters Charity
  • The NEC, Birmingham are preparing for the return to events from October. Watch the video for a full breakdown of everything they have put in place to keep you safe, secure and protected whilst visiting The Security Event 2021. For detailed guidance and further information, please visit:
  • Exclusive interview with Paul Pope (Group business development director at Global Fire Equipment and also a director of the Fire Industry Association) and Mike Tobin (chairperson of Independent Fire Engineering and Distributors Association) about the current ‘State of the Nation’ in the UK’s fire industry. The impact of COVID-19, the overriding need for competency and the likely effects of Brexit are very much under the microscope.


  • Following the Hackitt Review and amendments to Building Regulations Approved Document B (Fire Safety) after the Grenfell Fire tragedy, Profab Access felt it had a responsibility as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of vertical access panels, riser doors and steel doors to improve the fire safety of its products, going above and beyond both industry standards and regulations.
  • The smooth operation of any airport depends on Ground Support Equipment. If a fire occurs on a vehicle this has an immediate impact and aeroplanes could be left for hours waiting on the runway until the fire has been extinguished.

  • It is clear from the Grenfell Inquiry’s phase one report that the longstanding policy of “Stay in Place” is no longer sustainable, and Fire and Rescue Service incident commanders will need new tools to facilitate full or partial evacuation where it is, in their professional judgement, appropriate.
  • Certification: That’s what you need

    05 May 2020 Mark Sennett, CEO, Western Business Media

    In this exclusive interview for the Nineteen Group, Western Business Media’s CEO Mark Sennett chats with Stephen Adams, his opposite number at BAFE, about the organisation’s new promotional campaign, the Government’s proposed Fire Safety Bill, the aftermath of Grenfell Tower and the overriding importance of third party certification for fire safety services. 


  • Global Fire Group, a leading global manufacturer of fire detection equipment, and Createch, specialists in emergency lighting equipment, have announced the appointment of Paul Pope as Group Business Development Director Worldwide.

  • The government are suggesting that fire doors should be checked by a competent person every three months. ...
  • The only independent UKAS accredited provider in the UK

  • On November 4th 2019, Firetrace Ltd were contacted by a client after their CNC machine caught fire after an unexpected tool failure. Fortunately, they were very relieved and grateful to have had a Fir ...
  • Power management company Eaton was selected by ABCA Systems, a specialist electrical systems installer, to deliver a fire alarm system for one of London’s key multiple-use facilities, Spring Mews in Vauxhall. Developed by CLS Holdings plc, a FTSE 250 commercial property investment company, the facilities provide a broad accommodation, leisure and retail offer.

  • Why Nobody is Talking About Networking

    17 Jan 2018 Calvin Hayes
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  • WHY FIRETRACE WERE CONTACTED On 6th June 2017, Firetrace Ltd were contacted by a representative at The University of Oxford after accidently creating and witnessing a fire resulting in a discharged Fi ...
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  • New Ideas Into Neural Networks

    07 Apr 2017 Phyllis Fowler
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  • The Evolution of Robotics

    06 Apr 2017 Juan Payne
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The Safety & Security Event Series