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The Fire Safety Event

8 - 10 APRIL 2025

NEC, Birmingham

Exhibitor Videos

Fire extinguishers

Exhibitor Videos

  • For more information on ramis visit
  • Envirograf are the world's leading #passivefire​ experts and #manufacturers​. We design and create #innovativefireproducts​ for the protection of property and lives. Learn more about our ethos, #firet ...
  • Double Protecta® FR Board system in drywall to EI 60 where apertures are not required to be lined or letterboxed. Products to be used in this installation: Protecta® FR Acrylic ​ Protecta® FR Board 1- ...
  • Double Protecta® FR Board system in masonry or concrete walls to EI 120. Products to be used in this installation: Protecta® FR Acrylic Protecta® FR Board 2-S Protecta® FR Damper Protecta® FR Pipe Wra ...
  • This 6m x 3m floor test took our Fire Testing Team eight long days at Warrington Fire Ghent to install. A massive ninety-two different services installed to be assessed in a number of different sealin ...
  • At #Protecta​ we're raising the standards for a safer future, providing passive fire protection products worldwide. Learn more about us and our #protectivefuture​.
  • In this video, Jamie explains how DMS helps him feel safer at university through its text message service.



  • Rita was struggling with heavy self-closing fire doors so chose Freedor because it makes the doors weightless and allows you to place your door open at any angle.

  • Watch our video to find out how to install Dorgard in under 5 minutes 

  • Checkmate Fire: How We Can Help You

    15 Jan 2021 Hannah Hopkins

    Putting your building compliance and safety in someone else’s hands is not just important, but critical to getting it right. See how we can help...

  • Coopers Fire Company Video

    08 Dec 2020 Coopers Fire
    The Coopers Fire company video is a celebration of our business and the people within it, we are extremely proud to be part of the fire industry, and leading innovation in smoke and fire curtain produ ...
  • Technical Advisor Dave Jennings discusses our range of alarm accessories.
  • Aico Technical Advisor Owen Terry discusses our core product range.
  • The SmartLINK Gateway is designed for use with the Aico RF devices. It provides a mechanism to transfer information from the RF network to a portal over the GSM network.
  • The Centre of Excellence is our state of the art training, meeting and demonstration facility at our Head Office in Oswestry, Shropshire.
  • The Coopers Fire FireMaster® Concertina™ fire curtain is available in bespoke sizes and shapes including circular, U-shaped, L-shaped and trapezoid. 

  • What is BAFE?

    BAFE Fire Safety Register

The Safety & Security Event Series