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Fire extinguishers

Exhibitor Videos

  • On Wednesday 12 May 2020, the FPA hosted its first virtual training open day. You can rewatch all of the content from the event here.

  • QDOS at The FSE 2021

    13 Sep 2021 Amy Wallace
    Our time at the Fire Safety Event 2021 was a huge success! We caught up with familiar faces, had great conversations with new clients, and thoroughly enjoyed the range of discussions, presentations, a ...
  • ProtectivAIR

    06 Sep 2021

    ProtectivAIR® is a breakthrough in respiratory PPE

  • LFS launches PASSIFIRE

    07 Sep 2021 Rebecca Coffey
    Watch this short video to find out how our app, PASSIFIRE, can document, track and maintain fire stopping and fire protection systems.
  • Firechief PyroCloud 5000 series

    03 Sep 2021 Alison Tully
    Firechief PyroCloud 5 Series aerosol generators can be used by fire fighters and professional first responders as a highly effective, quick, easy and safe knock down tool against indoor fires. It is m ...
  • Pressure differential systems. The stack effect and airflow resistance - effects on pressure distribution in vertical escape routes

  • Our mission is to supply fresh air and ensure comfort and solutions for protection of human health and property in all building types. 

  • Disccover why an increasing number of social landlords are installing Automist to irmprove fire safety 

  • Episode 19 of the Fire Safety Matters Podcast includes an exclusive first interview with Peter Baker, the newly-appointed Chief Inspector of Buildings for the new Building Safety Regulator. 


  • This video gives testimonials from readers and advertisers on the benefits or reading or advertising in Fire Safety Matters magazine.

  • Our passive fire protection products incorporate a unique lamella orientation of the stonewool fibres, which gives Siderise products a flexibility of design. 

  • Siderise is a leading British manufacturer and supplier of passive fire and acoustic insulation solutions for home and overseas markets. 

  • Fie Pump Products

    09 Aug 2021
  • QDOS fire escape plans incorporate fire action instructions and escape plan and security lockdown procedures, ideal for education facilities and high security offices. 🏢 All plans are bespoke and mad ...
  • Fire Alarm Zone Plans from QDOS

    12 Feb 2021 Amy Wallace
    We're leading the way in outsourced Fire Alarm drawings and Zone Plans because it's what we do, every day. We're helping companies throughout the UK, large or small, accredited or not, with the same q ...
  • Fire Alarm System Design from QDOS

    19 Feb 2021 Amy Wallace
    As a BAFE accredited company, we can support you with the design of Fire Alarm and Detection Systems with a Design Support annual plan. Each yearly plan is payable by monthly direct debit, saving you ...
  • Carrington Presentation English

    27 Jul 2021 Carrington Textiles
  • PreFiS Product Video

    27 Jul 2021 Van Leeuwen
    PreFiS, mechannically sealing fittings, pressed in seconds.
  • A brief intro into Syncronology and our Singlepoint Software Products.
  • GFE corporate video.
  • FireAngel Specification

    01 Jan 2021 FireAngel Safety Technology

    FireAngel Specification featuring Smart RF Wireless Technology

  • FireAngel in partnership with FLEX

    23 Jul 2021 FireAngel Safety Technology

    We are leading the way in fire safety with state of the art design and technology to deliver the most reliable, efficient and desirable home safety solutions.

  • Nordtreat Brand Video

    23 Jul 2021

    Nordtreat Brandvideo

  • FireAngel Connected - The connected solution for Landlords

    23 Jul 2021 FireAngel Safety Technology

    To find out how FireAngel Connected can help protect your residents and properties get in touch with our specialists today by visiting fireangel.co.uk/connected

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