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10 Dec 2020

Revolutionise Fire Safety with BORIS Digital Asset Management

Boris Software Stand: 3a/L25

Leeds-based app developer Boris Software is revolutionising fire safety with the launch of its Digital Asset Management system, endorsing the increased building information requirements resulting from the 2017 Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

A static fire stopping product such as a fire door can be turned into a readable digital asset with the installation of an NFC pin. The pin stores vital information such as the product specification and its service history, stored in the BORIS Asset Management app as a live digital record of that product, thus integrating quality control and fire safety compliance into the product itself and facilitating fire safety management throughout the supply chain.

Following the 2017 disaster, the Grenfell Tower Inquiry identified various concerns surrounding building safety, including the importance of access to up-to-date information. Fire doors for example are fundamental to building compartmentation, but poor maintenance can result in poor performance.

The BORIS Asset Management system assists fire risk assessment to ensure building safety, those using the app have immediate access to live data such as the product specification, location, when the product was last risk assessed, and any changes or remedial works that have taken place throughout its history.

“The BORIS app offers instant data capture and administration, eliminating the risk of lost paperwork and reducing waste from unnecessary processes. Improved control over health & safety compliance is one of the many ways a business can benefit from BORIS. Digital Asset Management is a natural progression for us, to capture information throughout the lifecycle of a product, developing fire safety management for the future.” Mark Humphrey, Director

Founded in 2011, Boris Software specialises in bespoke app creation designed to digitise any paper and pen process, streamlining business procedure to save time, money and peace of mind. 

For more information contact Michelle Mason, Marketing Manager at

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