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The Fire Safety Event

8 - 10 APRIL 2025

NEC, Birmingham


Fire extinguishers

18 Apr 2024

Fire Industry Association Training Hub

Fire Industry Association Training Hub Stand: 4/N10

Here's a little more on what our training hub will offer: 

Comply competently to BAFE SP 203-1: 

  • Align with excellence - 6 Level 3 FD&A qualifications tailored for BAFE SP203-1 Scheme.
  • Nationally recognised - Training meets OFQUAL Level 3 and SCQF Level 6 standards.
  • Scheme-specific curriculum - Comprehensive FD&A course range for BAFE SP203-1 updates.
  • Inclusive learning - Courses for every level, from beginner to expert.
  • Proven track record: Celebrating over 1,000 Level 3 achievements last year.

Training by the industry, for the industry:

Learn more about what we have planned to further enhance our training offering. 

  • Practical training at FIA offices - Hands-on sessions coming soon.
  • Virtual reality training - Immersive learning experiences in development.
  • FESS worker assessment - Comprehensive skill validation launching soon.

Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Safety:

With the rising of lithium-ion battery fires, equip yourself with crucial safety training:

  • Safety Practices - Master hazard identification and response techniques.
  • Immediate Application - Skills for quick and effective incident management.
  • Risk Reduction - Guidelines on prevention and safe handling.
  • Versatile Training - Customisable for everyone from first responders to fire engineers.
  • For Professionals - Critical for those in high-risk environments.

Explore our wide array of fire safety courses, crafted for every professional level:

Discover our extensive courses:

  • Foundation Courses - Start your journey with essential fire safety principles.
  • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems - In-depth training on installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Fire Risk Assessment - Learn to conduct thorough and effective risk assessments.
  • Emergency Lighting - Ensure compliance and safety with expert guidance on emergency lighting systems.
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems - Master the use of various fire extinguishing methods and equipment.
  • CPD Programmes - Continuous Professional Development courses to keep you at the forefront of fire safety knowledge.
  • Legislation & Standards - Stay updated with the latest fire safety regulations and standards

In addition to in depth conversation on the training we provide, have some fun and compete in our puzzle game for your chance to win a free Fundamentals in FD&A Units 1&2 training course - complete our puzzle in the fastest time to win! 

Furthermore, you can also catch up with members of the FIA team that will be in attendance covering all things FIA.

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