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The Fire Safety Event

8 - 10 APRIL 2025

NEC, Birmingham


Fire extinguishers

08 Apr 2024

Case Study - Braiswick Primary School

Apollo Fire Detectors Stand: 5/C90

Before wireless fire technology, adapting the fire system at Braiswick Primary School in Colchester to include a demountable structure 30 metres from the main school building would have been a logistical challenge, involving trench work or overhead catenary. With REACH Wireless devices from Apollo, the installation was completed in a few hours, and the remote classroom was easily integrated with the existing Apollo XP95 wired system.

The Challenge

Essex Fire Protection was commissioned to connect the buildings with minimal cost and disruption, with the brief of:

  • Use wireless devices to remove the need for cabling.
  • Complete the installation and commissioning during the half-term.
  • Minimise the physical impact on the school buildings and facilities.

The Solution

With 30 metres separating the buildings, across the challenging environment of the school playground, wireless devices were the obvious choice. The bespoke survey kit that accompanies the REACH Wireless range made it simple to design and specify an extension system that is fully compatible with the wired system already installed in the main building. The Essex Fire Protection team installed and commissioned the REACH system with great ease, in only a few hours compared to the 1-week timeframe.

REACH Wireless is designed to solve challenging installation scenarios for structures with restricted or complex access and installation conditions – such as sites with multiple buildings – where wired installation downtime is not desirable. With a battery life of up to five years, enhanced RF communications capability, compact casings and a full range of wireless devices, REACH can work as part of a hybrid network, comprising both wired and wireless components.


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