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The Fire Safety Event

30 April - 2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham

Fire Safety Event Agenda 2023

Fire extinguishers


A new era of digitised maintenance for fire and life safety systems

25 Apr 2023
Fire Safety Theatre
Fire Safety Theatre

Installing and maintaining life safety systems in compliance with a building’s occupancy type is required by fire codes and follows legal requirements globally. Proving that all your building's detectors have been tested can often be challenging, especially in restricted areas within buildings, such as hospitals, prisons, universities, hotels, data centres, along with others. Furthermore, inaccurate testing due hard to reach detectors, or those in ceiling voids can result in untested devices – jeopardising the buildings’ overall fire safety. New technologies from the fire industry are seeking to solve these issues by digitalising the process; creating audit trails to prove that your sub-contractor has completed a full functional test of the fire system.  The added automation also allows the whole testing process to take place without downtime or disruption that manual testing brings with it. Digitisation and automation of these processes help service providers and building owners in many ways, including saving time on site, reducing building disruption, providing real-time updates on Test and Inspect progress, and improving life safety performance by validating that the entire system works as intended and has been tested to code.

Ben Wolf, Global Product Offering Leader - Honeywell Fire

The Safety & Security Event Series