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The Fire Safety Event

30 April - 2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham

Fire Safety Event Agenda 2023

Fire extinguishers


The criticality of building compliance information and how to make this data transparent and visible in real-time

25 Apr 2023
Innovation & Regulation Theatre
Innovation & Regulation Theatre
For most fire protection companies, the sheer volume of managing different tasks, staff, contractors, and reports means they barely keep their heads above water. For most property owners, the responsibility to maintain compliance is complex, to say the least. For tenants, the assumption that they are sleeping in a safe and compliant building is a given. Driven by a mission to make all buildings safer, Uptick provides software to fire protection companies to run more efficient businesses. In turn, property owners can get real-time insights to the compliance of their buildings.
Roi Abraham, Head of Growth - Uptick

The Safety & Security Event Series