The Fire Safety Event 2022

25-27 April 2023
NEC, Birmingham

Fire Safety 2022 Agenda

Fire extinguishers


Should we be treating Walls as a system?

07 Apr 2022
Passive Fire Conference
Passive Fire Conference

Designers now understand that drylined walls should be specified as a system and not a series of components brought together to be able to demonstrate compliance for a Fire rated wall forming a compartment.

But what happens when we use these systems in the real world and perforate the wall with doors, pipes, sockets etc., and further how is compliance demonstrated when the wall interfaces with the building and other elements?

The session will explore the testing landscape and the long-term risks to the designer/specifier/ contractor in not aligning the detail, though the concept of the Fire Wall.

Joe Cilia is the technical director at the body representing the Finishes and Interior Sector (FIS)

Joe Cilia, Technical Director - FIS

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