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We pride ourselves in offering flexible, quality-assured, approved water mist fire protection solutions to a growing list of international customers. Our services include design, plan approval, equipment supply, start-up & commissioning, international warranties and a lifetime provision of service and aftersales.


Ultra Fog
5 Grain House, Mill Court
Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire
CB22 5LD
United Kingdom
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  • Features: Compact and modular designed accumulator skid unit   Standard issue with 50 litres nitrogen bottle and 68 litres water bottle.   Robust galvanized skid-bars.   Electrically controlled gas va ...
  • Features: Compact designed pump station with 1-3 high pressure pumps with air-driven pilot pump Each tank fi­tted with two 25μm ­liters Temperature safety drain valve and pressure regulator Test valve ...
  • Features: Flow: For 100 bar system up to 100 litres/min (MPU235) and up to 150 litres/min (MPU335) Electric driven piston high-pressure pump with frequency-controlled rpm on the motor with adjustable ...
  • On the cabinet, each pump can be started manually by turning the key switch from ”MAN/AUT” to “MAN” position and then each pump can be started individually.
  • Test Tool is a patented solution for Ultra Fog Nozzles to verify the function of the sprinkler system. It let You flush each nozzle to check water quality.  
  • The open nozzle is normally open and is used in systems with intelligent activation. The water will pass through the nozzle creating small droplets as soon as the pipe to the nozzle is pressurized wit ...
  • The nozzle with a bulb is normally closed and is used in systems with conventional activation. In the top of the nozzle, there is a glass bulb that keeps a piston in place. The piston prevents the noz ...




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