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The Fire Safety Event

8 - 10 APRIL 2025

NEC, Birmingham


Fire extinguishers

Hubei Jiandun Fire Technology

Stand: 5/C125
  • | Extinguishers
  • | Suppression Systems

Established in 2015, Hubei Jiandun Fire Technology Co., Ltd. (JAD) is a National Technologically Advanced 'Little Giant' and High-tech Enterprise. Based in Yichang, Hubei province, with a marketing branch in Shenzhen, it specializes in fire protection products, focusing on condensed aerosol, Novec™ 1230, dry powder, and foam water base products.


+86 18129878347


No.199 Huaxi Road, Biological Industrial Park,
China (Hubei) Free Trade Zone Yichang Area,
Yichang City,
Hubei Province,
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    04 Mar 2024
    Product advantage: The injection direction is not limited, and the application range is wider. Multiple boot modes can be configured according to different requirements. Application scenario: It is su ...
  • YF0.13-Q-Y-01

    04 Mar 2024
    YFO.13-Q-Y-01 perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing device has high fire extinguishing efficiency and can extinguish class B, C and E fires. Applicable to battery packs
  • MQB/S50

    04 Mar 2024
    1. Fashion and portable model. 2. Multipurpose fire extinguisher suitable for Class A B C E F fire rating . 3.No need to press repeatedly . 4. No residue and no corrosion to protect electronic product ...
  • Designed for battery packs Specially designed for large-capacity batteries, it is compact in size, can be stored under normal pressure, and does not require laying pipe networks; Fire extinguishing sp ...
  • QRR0.04 GW/S-MC

    04 Mar 2024
    This product uses the pulse patent technology, the fire extinguishing ability is stronger.
  • JAD300-U01

    04 Mar 2024
    Obtained the certificate UL/BSI/CSIRO. Application scenario: power change cabinet, charging pile, battery cluster, battery container


  • Introduction of companies, new plants and major projects and application scenarios

  • ESS protection video

    04 Mar 2024

    Battery pack, Battery cluster, Battery container overall protection.


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