The Fire Safety Event 2022

5-7 April 2022
NEC, Birmingham


Fire extinguishers

Securo AS

Stand: 3a/J10

SECURO produces passive fire-resistant air vents and cavity barriers for ventilated facade based on the Firebreather® technology.

FB Cavity Barrier is the only product in the world with instant fire resistance while open for ventilation. It is used with many different cladding material and insulation types.

Distributor network covers all Europe.


47 99419000


Neptunveien 6, 7652 Verdal
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  • The gap vent is a vent developed by Securo with the aim to secure small, uneven gaps and openings in old wooden facades while maintaining required venting. Typical application can be openings at ends ...
  • The principle of attic ventilation and venting through the eaves proves to be very effective since it was introduced. It prevents fungal growth and moisture, together with  keeping the roof surface co ...
  • In fire rated walls a conflict between venting and fire protection often occurs because venting is required or desired, but openable windows will compromise the fire rating of a wall.
  • The FB Air Transfer Grille is a passive product that satisfies the need for adequate venting through fire rated exterior or interior walls without compromising with the requirements of a fire rated co ...
  • Securo's FB Cavity Barrier combines the need for adequate venting behind the cladding and in roof and attic constructions, with the need to limit the spread of fire.  


  • Short product presentation

  • Securo's patented Firebreather technology

  • Cavity barrier comparative test

    29 Oct 2020 Securo

    While our cavity barrier stops the flames from the first second, the competing product let flames pass through for quite a long time before it closes. 


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