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The Fire Safety Event

30 April - 2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham


Fire extinguishers

Everbuild Building Products

Stand: 3a/H20
  • | Passive Fire Prevention
  • | The Fire Safety Event

Take an active approach to passive fire protection with Sika. Our range of high-performance fire-stopping products comply with the latest standards and have been developed for use with linear seals, cavity barriers and penetration seals to help contain and control the spread of fire within commercial, public and residential buildings.


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Sika Limited
Welwyn Garden City
United Kingdom
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  • For use in electrical socket boxes to maintain fire and smoke barrier EVERBUILD® FIRESPAN® Intumescent Pads are designed to be used on the inside or outside of electrical socket boxes to maintain a fi ...
  • Fire resistant putty SikaSeal®-632 Fire Putty+ is a fire resistant sealing putty used for small openings around services in fire compartment walls and floors. Up to 4 hours fire resistance. Easy to ap ...
  • Sikacrete®-630 Fire+

    28 Mar 2022
    Fire resistant load bearing penetration compound Sikacrete®-630 Fire+ is a fire resistant gypsum-based compound for load bearing penetration seals in fire compartment floors. Up to 4 hours fire resist ...
  • Fire resistant pipe wrap SikaSeal®-629 Fire Wrap+ is a fire resistant flexible pipe wrap available as pre-cut strips or on a roll for interior and exterior penetration sealing applications that pass t ...
  • Fire resistant pipe collar SikaSeal®-627 Fire Collar+ is a fire resistant prefabricated pipe collar consisting of a metal casing and an intumescent insert for interior penetration sealing applications ...
  • Fire-resistant coated protection board SikaSeal®-626 Fire Board+ is a mineral wool based protection board coated with the fire resistant, ablative coating Sikacryl®-625 Fire+. Its versatility lets it ...
  • Sikacryl®-625 Fire+

    28 Mar 2022
    Fire resistant ablative coating for linear seals and penetrations Sikacryl®-625 Fire+ is a 1-part fire resistant, ablative acrylic coating used for the installation of SikaSeal®-626 Fire Board+. Up to ...
  • SikaSeal®-623 Fire+

    28 Mar 2022
    Fire resistant intumescent sealant SikaSeal®-623 Fire+ is a fire resistant intumescent graphite based sealant for interior penetration seals. SikaSeal®-623 Fire+ is designed to provide a high volume e ...
  • Sikacryl®-621 Fire+

    28 Mar 2022
    Fire resistant acrylic sealant for linear seals and penetrations Sikacryl®-621 Fire+ is a fire resistant, intumescent, phthalate-free acrylic sealant used for interior joints and penetration seals in ...
  • Sika Boom®-420 Fire

    28 Mar 2022
    Fire resistant polyurethane expanding foam for gun and nozzle application Sika Boom®-420 Fire is a 1-part, fire resistant, self-expanding polyurethane foam. It meets the fire resistance requirements o ...


  • Modern building frameworks are interspersed with multiple utility and network services including cables, pipes and ventilation ducts in both horizontal and vertical directions, resulting in countless ...


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