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The Fire Safety Event

30 April - 2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham


Fire extinguishers

Bull Products

Stand: 5/D10
  • | Extinguishers
  • | Fire Detection

Bull Products manufactures and supplies life-saving temporary fire protection equipment. Predominantly designed for housebuilding, construction, civil engineering and shipbuilding applications, Bull Products has an extensive portfolio of products to ensure workers and sites remain safe 24/7. Its Fire 360° service ensures a friction-free experience at every stage of the process.


+44 1432 371 100


Beacon House
4 Beacon Road
United Kingdom
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  • Cygnus Control Panel

    27 Aug 2021
    The Cygnus Control Panel is an optional element for any Cygnus system and can capture data from up to 480 devices spread over 15 zones. The panel includes an evacuate site function and can be used to ...
  • Cygnus Base Panel

    27 Aug 2021
    The Cygnus Base Panel captures data from up to 32 devices. All the testing and system functions are the same as the CYG1 but this panel operates on one zone.  
  • Cygnus Heat Detector

    27 Aug 2021
    Cygnus heat detectors provide 24/7 essential protection in temporary sites. These detectors work on rate of rise or will register an alarm if the temperature rises above 65°.
  • Cygnus Smoke Detector

    27 Aug 2021
    Cygnus smoke detectors have optical smoke sensors that provide essential detection – this is particularly effective in site accommodation units. The detector activates the alarm when smoke penetrates ...
  • The Cygnus Fire Call Point alarm is a radio alarm device. It is IP65 rated and has a 110-decibel sound and an LED beacon for site-wide, visual alerts. The Fire Call Point Alarm can also contain a PIR ...
  • The Cygnus Fire Call Points and First Aid Alarm is IP65 rated and has all the features of a CYG2 alarm, but also alert functionality for first aid emergencies. This alarm can contain a PIR intruder se ...
  • Once triggered, the Cygnus First Aid Alert Point sounds intermittently every eight seconds at 85 decibels. The control panel can then determine the exact location where the alarm has been triggered fo ...
  • This adaptive system was designed specifically for construction sites to give warning of danger and exclusion zones. Applications include areas where a plant is being operated, crane and lifting opera ...
  • The Cygnus Lockdown Panel and Alarm was developed to protect against intruders within educational facilities. The alarm consists of a control panel and remote devices that can be located within each t ...
  • The Fire First Responder Station is the first responder’s central point for fire safety equipment and alarm. The fire alarm can be connected to the cabinet to alert authorities when the door has been ...




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