The Fire Safety Event 2022

25-27 April 2023
NEC, Birmingham

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What can the QuelStop Firestopping System be used for?

Quelfire Stand: 3a/G15

The QuelStop Firestopping System by Quelfire is the ideal solution for firestopping mechanical and electrical service penetrations to maintain the fire rating of fire compartment walls and floors.

The system is suitable for use with most common service penetrations as well as some of the more uncommon or unusual applications.

The QuelStop firestopping system comprises QuelStop Fire Batt, QuelStop CE-marked Intumescent Acrylic Sealant, QF2 Fire Protection Compound, QuelStop HPE Intumescent Graphite Sealant and QuelCoil Continuous Intuwrap.

All the products have undergone rigorous testing as a complete system, which means contractors avoid having to source different products from multiple suppliers. All products are manufactured in the UK.

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