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19 Dec 2019

Jackson Fire & Security Leeds Franchisee Testimonial

Jackson Fire & Security UK Ltd Stand: 4/M10

Q&A with Kris Milner

What appealed to you about franchising?

I liked the idea of being my own boss but wanted that reassurance of working with a company that is proven in their industry and franchising could offer that.

How did you hear about the Jackson Fire & Security franchise?

I met Jackson Fire & Security at a franchise exhibition where I signed up for a discovery day. This day involved meeting the franchise support team in addition to spending time with an engineer to understand their day to day role – this element of the day was really important and helped me make my decision.

How did you fund your franchise?

I funded the franchise through a bank loan and also using a lot of my own savings. We had a business plan in place to pay that back within a certain period of time and we are currently ahead of that goal.

What is a typical day like for you as a Jackson franchisee?

I start by checking my engineer has his day planned, then I could be visiting customers to do surveys and quotes, whilst continuing to respond to emails and phone calls as they come in. I never saw myself as technically-minded but more of a managerial type of person but Jackson Fire & Security has allowed me to develop both sets of skills.

What do you like the most about being a Jackson franchisee?

I have a great team of engineers and admin staff around me and they are all at different levels with different experiences I can draw from. I enjoy bringing them together and developing them.

What is the main benefit to you of being a Jackson franchisee?

I believe the main benefit is the professional website we have behind us, it allows customers to contact us in a professional manner and get all the information they need before they pick up the phone.

How has life changed for you since becoming a Jackson franchisee?

We have moved house and made home improvements so life is different and has changed a lot since becoming a franchisee but definitely for the better.

What advice would you give to someone looking into franchising?

Do exactly what I did and ask as many questions as you possibly can and ask to speak to existing franchisees. These people have gone through the exact same process as you and can give you a real feel for what it is like day to day.

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