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The Fire Safety Event

30 April - 2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham

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Fire extinguishers

Indirect Low Pressure Reacton Fire Suppression System

Reacton Fire Suppression Stand: 3a/G25

Indirect fire suppression systems utilise our patented Indirect valve, this technology utilises the Reacton® tubing to automatically detect the fire and actuate the system(s). The tubing is installed in and around the fire risk areas within the protected area, the tubing is pressurised and in communication with the valve which holds it in the closed position. When a fire occurs, the tubing will burst at the point of highest heat, the pressure loss in this process causes the valve to open. This results in the extinguishing agent being delivered through a network of hoses leading to strategically placed nozzles within the hazard. Complete reliability, providing the perfect balance of rapid detection without false alarms. It does not require any power to operate, meaning you have confidence in true 24/7 protection for your critical asset. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Reacton design, test and build superior components that make up the In-Direct Low Pressure (ILP) system. Exclusively built in the U.K to serve the fire industry worldwide. Designed for the toughest environments and engineered to operate when called upon, available in a wide range of systems sizes utilising all the latest in extinguishing agent technology. Ready to protect your sensitive electrical risk or the harsh environments found in a vehicle engine bay. Ideally suited for electrical control panels, Kitchens, CNC machines, wind turbines, buses or heavy vehicles. This pre-engineered solution from Reacton will provide ultimate durability and performance. Reacton Fire Suppression is a global manufacturer of Fire Detection and Suppression Systems. For supply enquires around the world, contact us today. With offices in the UK, Dubai UAE and Arizona USA, we have you covered. Protecting your future, Today.

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The Safety & Security Event Series

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