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24 Feb 2020

Eastern Extinguishers - Composite Extinguisher

Eastern Extinguishers Stand: B20

A standard steel extinguisher must be replaced/ refilled every 5 years. What we can offer is a longer lasting, more cost-effective product. Although our composite extinguishers cost more initially, due to the longevity of the materials used, we can provide a 10-year refill guarantee and a 20-year lifespan, resulting in substantial savings and environmental peace of mind.

The high strength stainless steel handle and safety pin used on the composite P50 fire extinguishers are designed to last the whole lifespan of the extinguishers. Furthermore, for added protection the brass head of the P50 extinguishers are nickel plated, all of which makes the product highly durable and anti-corrosive.

Additionally, the materials used for the hose have a certified lifespan of 20 years, allowing the use of a single hose for the entire lifespan of the P50 composite fire extinguisher.

Contact us to arrange a free quotation and discover how much you could save by changing to our new generation of P50 composite extinguishers.

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