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The Fire Safety Event

8 - 10 APRIL 2025

NEC, Birmingham

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Fire extinguishers

13 Nov 2023

smartVES PAVA System

Ambient System Sp Zoo Stand: 5/D35

smartVES by Ambient-System --- A new quality of sound in difficult acoustic conditions. SmartVES is a new PAVA system utilising innovative technologies that improve the intelligibility of broadcast voice messages in buildings with difficult acoustic conditions.

In addition to the typical components for amplification and transmission of messages to individual public address zones, the system is equipped with an all-new smart DU-1604 central unit, responsible for monitoring acoustic conditions in the building and modifying the broadcast voice signal both in timing and frequency in order to obtain the maximum possible intelligibility of the transmitted messages. The modifications to the audio signal are performed by powerful digital signal processing in a real-time mode utilising continuous acoustic feedback into the processors to apply adaptive filtering.


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