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09 Feb 2021


Advanced Stand: 4/P98

LuxIntelligent from Advanced is an addressable, automatic emergency light test system. It shows all emergency lighting is compliant and functioning, with no engineer involvement required. It can be easily networked and retrofitted onto existing wiring and luminaires, keeping installation costs to a minimum.

LuxIntelligent provides cloud monitoring and system management via mobile and web apps. Test data is stored securely in the cloud and the system delivers live details on status, faults, test failures and advisories from a smartphone, tablet or via a web browser. This allows users to monitor all their sites, anywhere in the world, right down to individual devices. Users can share the data on sites or panels with engineers and maintenance staff and e-mail maintenance and test reports in one click.

The system is easily installed in single-panel or networked formats. Each LuxIntelligent panel can be connected to the LAN via its own MOXA LAN device, allowing any PC on the LAN or with access to the IP address to act as the monitoring PC, and connect to any panel on the network. This low-cost, no-disruption method allows an unlimited number of panels to be networked to cover large or multiple sites across the globe and monitored via the cloud.

LuxIntelligent works with most third-party luminaires and LED lights and can be easily added to existing wiring, offering considerable savings on installation and maintenance time and cost. It works with any system including those with a central battery, and each panel has up to four loops each supporting 249 luminaires.

LuxIntelligent has a unique set of test methods that include the standard current and voltage tests, as well as direct light level measurement via fibre optics. Once installed, the panels should never need to be looked at, and only need a three-year battery check.

“LuxIntelligent makes compliance with BS5266-1 easy and cost-effective,” comments Advanced’s Emergency Lighting Business Manager, Matt Jones. “To help you see how much time and money LuxIntelligent could save you, you can access the savings calculator on our website, showing how the automatic testing technology, easy installation and cloud monitoring will benefit its users.”

“A well-tested, compliant system that works when you need it is vital to life safety. We achieve this in a few simple steps. Firstly, we offer live status and test reporting; secondly, all of your data is stored securely in three places: the panel, the PC and the cloud; thirdly, you can access that data on your phone, tablet or any computer. Finally, we make it simple to share sites, panels or test and maintenance reports with your team or third-party partners quickly and easily.

“It’s this combination of zero-time testing, data integrity and quick resolution of problems and maintenance needs that make LuxIntelligent so reliable and cost-effective. Not only this, but your system can also easily scale to cover any site anywhere and work with just about any light or LED fitting” concluded Matt.

Advanced offer a full range of ready to install, intelligent standalone LED light fittings, as well as a new range of ultra-low voltage, fast fitting luminaires and exit signs called EasySAFE. These devices twist and click onto a first fix base that draws its power directly from the data cable from our LuxIntelligent panel (32V) – meaning that almost any member of your team can conduct installation and maintenance easily and safely.

Mobile-Managed Emergency Light Testing from Advanced.

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