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The Fire Safety Event

8 - 10 APRIL 2025

NEC, Birmingham

Exhibitor Products

Fire extinguishers

25 Mar 2024

Fireray 3000 Optical Beam Smoke Detector

FFE Stand: 5/C97

The Fireray 3000 is ideal for areas with narrow detection paths and reflective surfaces, it suits modern architectural buildings and heritage sites alike, including those with ornate ceilings.

This detector can be seamlessly integrated into conventional fire alarm control panels or interfaced with analogue-addressable systems via an addressable input module, providing flexible connectivity options.

Installation is simplified with laser-assisted alignment methods and user-friendly alignment LEDs, allowing one operator to align the detector efficiently. The integrated laser alignment aid can be activated at the controller or receiver head, enhancing alignment accuracy.

Customisable settings, including alarm thresholds and delay to alarm/fault, are controlled from the low-level controller, which boasts an LCD display for easy operation. This controller facilitates commissioning, testing, and maintenance of the beam detection system.

Key features include configurable range from 5 to 120 meters per set of detectors, Light Cancellation Technology, integral laser alignment in the receiver, 2-wire interface between controller and receiver, separate fire and fault relays per detector, programmable sensitivity and fire threshold, contamination compensation, first-fix design for transmitter, receiver, and controller, multiple cable gland knockouts for ease of wiring, and optional transmitter powering from the controller.

Ideal applications include education and heritage buildings, industrial units and warehousing, aviation hangars, glass atria in hotels and retail complexes, as well as chemical processing and storage facilities.


  • Fire Detection
  • Fire Prevention
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