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The Fire Safety Event

8 - 10 APRIL 2025

NEC, Birmingham

Exhibitor Products

Fire extinguishers

20 Mar 2024


FIREFLY Stand: 5/B110

The FIREFLY™ Access Panel FR120 is tested against EN 1363-1 to provide up to 120 minutes fire resistance. The heavy duty steel construction facilitates simple installation and secure, repeated access while preserving the performance integrity of the overall fire system.

Used primarily in roof voids and lofts to provide reliable and safe access for maintenance and trades people to gain access to areas compartmentalised by FIREFLY™ fire barriers. Critically, the Access Panel FR120 allows repeated and safe access avoiding damage to the fire barriers in place.

Zintec steel used in the flush door panel and 25mm frame, available up to 1200 x 600mm door size. Heavy duty hinge and locking points also steel. Pillow of FIREFLY™ fire barrier fitted to rear of door. Installed within a unistrut frame.


  • Up to 120 minutes fire integrity tested against EN 1363-1: 2020, offers parity of performance with the fire system around it
  • Zintec steel fire rated frame and door, designed to fit within a wider FIREFLY™ fire barrier installation
  • Secure, robust and repeatable access point within compartmentalised spaces without compromising fire performance
  • Fixed pivot hinge and multiple locking points to provide enhanced fire performance from both sides
  • Mechanical closure with universal key for controlled access
  • Supplied as a complete kit, including a FIREFLY™ fire pillow fitted to the rear of the door, to ensure simplicity of installation into a unistrut frame
  • Access Panel frame and unistrut outerframe are additionally wrapped and protected in the same flexible FIREFLY™ barrier onsite to offer consistent levels of protection to all parts of the installation
  • Tested and certified to up to 1200 x 600mm


  • Passive Fire Prevention
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