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25-27 April 2023
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17 Jun 2021

Fire Rated Door Protection Panels

Yeoman Shield Stand: 3a/H41

Door protection panels, kick plates and finger plates work perfectly in tandem with the Yeoman Shield Door Edge Protectors. Together, they ensure the entirety of your door is protected from damage.

They protect the vulnerable face of the door and can be installed at either full or half height. Smaller plates can be used to protect just those areas which have a lot of wear and tear such as the middle of the door (push plate) or the bottom of the door (kick plate area).

Yeoman Shield’s 2.0 mm door protection plates have surfaces specifically designed to conceal scratches, scuffs and markings. They are fitted to the face of doors to help keep them in good repair and looking great.

Plates can be shaped to a specific design or can be inlaid with an imagery design or signage. This can be just for added design interest, or to provide useful information such as door numbers or WC signage.

Our door protection panels are fire rated, having been tested to the required current standards. Fire door protection does not affect the integrity of the fire door when installed and can keep fire doors undamaged, reducing expensive maintenance work and keeping buildings safe in the event of a fire.

Cutting door protection plates to size often leaves us with stock residue material. It may be possible to meet your requirements for Push/Mid/Kick and D Plates from such residue, at a reduced cost.

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