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The Fire Safety Event

8 - 10 APRIL 2025

NEC, Birmingham

Exhibitor Products

Fire extinguishers

19 Oct 2023

FAS Fire Door Intumescent Acrylic Sealant

Fire and Acoustic Seals Stand: 5/D134

This intumescent fire and smoke-stopping sealant swells to prevent the passage of fire and smoke, providing up to 60-minute fire ratings.

This product has been specifically tested with fire door assemblies to meet BS 476: Pt 20 & 22: 1987 and is Certifire approved to guarantee its performance.

  • A halogen-free, polymer-based sealant
  • 60 minutes fire-rated
  • Acoustic tested to achieve 55dB Rw
  • Compatible with standard plastic and timber packers  
  • Long-lasting flexibility
  • 12.5% joint movement capability
  • Fire protection for FD30-120 fire doorsets with FAS Fire Door Foam

Areas of application

  • Cavity gap filling and perimeter pointing in partition joints and between fire door frames, screens and walls. 
  • It will seal joints of up to 35mm without slumping.
  • Do not use in joints where movement exceeds +/- 12.5% of joint width.
  • Provides 30-60 minutes fire resistance for 5mm gaps or below without backing, and 30-120 minutes fire resistance for gaps up to 25mm with FAS Fire Door Foam™ or stone mineral fibre wool.
  • Timber frames - softwood (FD30), hardwood (FD60).




  • Fire Prevention
  • Passive Fire Prevention
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