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Emergency Mustering and Automated Roll Call

Real Time Networks Stand: K12

RTNmobile Evacuation Management systems help you with:

  • Faster Emergency Response
    • Automates real-time roll call of assembled and missing personnel
    • Detects the instant staff, contractors, and visitors have exited a facility
    • Automatically registers personnel safe when the reach muster points
  • More Effective Evacuations
    • Durable personnel ID badges can’t be turned off
    • Provides last known location data of missing personnel for first responders
    • ID and contact info for all personnel is available to emergency managers
  • More Efficient Drilling
    • Shaves minutes off muster drill times
    • Simplifies evacuation training and gets staff back to work faster
    • Works across multi-network, multi-site facilities for easier large scale drilling
  • Reliable Performance
    • No WiFi or external power required[SA1] 
    • Battery backups operate when electrical power is out
    • Optional solar power for muster points keep them operational in extreme conditions
  • Complete Management
    • Customizable reporting and tracking for staff, visitors, and contractors
    • Gain instant insight into where every person is located when an alarm is triggered
    • Management app available on tablets, smartphones, and laptops
    • Simplify regulatory compliance



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