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The Fire Safety Event

30 April - 2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham

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Fire extinguishers

08 Mar 2022

Core Module and Penetration Sealing Systems Module

IFI Group Stand: 3a/K35

The Core Module provides an introduction to the building regulations in the United Kingdom, specifically relating them to fire protection and the construction industry, including Approved Document B and the Building Regulations. Passive and active systems are introduced as the basis of satisfying the requirements of the regulations. The following section provides the background information on the behaviour of fire and what happens during the fire test. The presentation concentrates primarily on the large-scale system tests that are used to prove the elements of construction encountered on site. Small-scale material/component tests are also briefly looked at. The differences between the current British Standard test and the new European test are briefly covered. The final section within this module looks at examples of actual fires that have occurred over the last 50 years.


The Penetration Sealing System Module begins by looking at some of the more common fire stopping materials available, their installation requirements and how correct installation of the system is important to prevent fire spread from one side of a separating element to the other. The initial section looks at the differences in the supporting construction, the support system and some of the more questionable sealing systems encountered. The requirements when sealing around ducts and dampers is examined. We look at the more common types of fire stopping products available, including coated mineral wool batts, pipe collars, sealants, linear gap seals, etc., where the installation requirements of these products are compared to many specific site examples encountered during years of inspection visits. Unusual and non-standard details are discussed to assist installers with their own work. The second part looks briefly at how the penetration sealing systems are fire tested - at the advanced level this is covered in greater detail. The main part of the module covers the various aspects of the installation on site, looking at some of the more popular products and systems available. The last part of the module discusses the importance of quality records and looks at labelling as part of the records maintained by the installer company.


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